Computers – Web Creation Security – Audio Video

{build, repair, upgrade, networking, web design – we do it all}

Supporting ALL versions of Windows since the begining.

specializing in ADware & SPYware / VIRUS removal to return lost computer speed with the focus on NOT loseing ANY DATA.

Data Recovery and transfer services

Web Page Creation From The Smallest single page to large multi user messagebaord, databased content managment systems

Security Camera / Survalance System installation and sales

car stereo’s , amps, alarms, video/dvd installation.

audio & video recording, mixing {pre and post production}

live audio event mixing {stage shows}

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Web Page Creation price list

Simple* design of up to 10 page site
$50.00 per page


Complex designs, wordpress – commerce – news…*

Prices Available after consultation for site complexity

entire site average $500 – $1000 for an average 5-10 page site

*simple design consists of non data based HTML pages, links, contacts pages etc, Animated gif’s

{moving pictures and sometimes sound}.

*Data based design consists of websites that have user accounts for message posting or “community” type sites.

These prices cover the cost of Page creation only.

Monthly maintenance fees range depending on frequency of changes made.

Re-Design of a web page AFTER final approval from client received and page published to server – $50.00 per page.

Re-Design Currently Existing Site (not our’s) – $50.00 per page.

Monthly Web Site Maintenance Charges

If the web site we do is just produced and the site is, working and all satisfactory, the client may then want to maintain the site themselves.

In this case, we maintain the copyright rights of the site but supply the client with the  User ID and Password so as they can access the site and make changes on their own.

However, if the client wants us to be “on call” for changing the site on an annual basis, we charge an annual flat fee of $125.00 for just being on call.

Actual additional fees for site changes are as described below.

Which includes:

Checking your site monthly re: link errors (sometimes external pages your site links to are discontinued without your knowledge (this gives error messages and can annoy your visitors).

Fixing minor problems as mistypes or spelling issues

Content additions and deletions on your site – you e-mail us with information you’d like added and /or deleted from your site (simple additions, deletions – NOT major page re-designs or adding major pages in bulk to existing site in which case estimate upon request)

Once monthly: Simple Changes (change date, names, meeting place, etc) – $25.00/month. Complex changes, page redesign, etc. – $100.00

Twice monthly – Simple changes – $50.00/month. Complex changes – $200.00/month.

Once weekly – Simple changes – $125.00/month. Complex changes – $300.00/month.

Up to 10 entries, deletions (total) monthly – $250.00

Daily entries/deletions – starting at $500.00/month for daily simple changes. Estimate upon request.

These prices cover the cost of Page maintenance only.

Page Creation fees range depending on Complexity of page design.

Re-Design of a web page AFTER final approval from client received and page published to server – $50.00 per page.

Re-Design Currently Existing HTML Site (not our’s) – $50.00 per page.