PLEX & SUBSONIC Media Links Page

Here youll see the difference between the NEWER and Better PLEX vs the older and less functional SubSonic 

This is the way plex looks with all its artwork

As you can see the look and feel of the PLEX system is much better than the Subsonic. Like being able to run on SMART TV"S as well as having features like cover art that subsonic lacks
the ability to make a request and see what others are asking for.

This is the less pretty and alot less feature packed SubSonic layout.

as it still works and i will more than likely keep it running for a long time, there is no NEED to change, BUT as far as functionality goes, PLEX is a MUCH better choice

This is the link to make requests

just click on the image and login with your PLEX account info to make requests.
users may also receive a "newsletter" every now and then to announce new movie updates.


If you do not already have a plex account they are free and as simple as logging in with your gmail info.

then send me the email address you used and ill input it into my system so you’ll have access to the same library as subsonic.