Caught on Video

Some people getting caught on VAGRANT Security Cams

some people ask why would i need a camera... well heres a few reasons.

just goes to show, you never know whos watching with a vagrant around


Watch as an unwanted is told hes not wanted...

watch as someone tries to get slick in a Marijuana clinic


pretty basic drive-by tagging...

the local pd had issues with this one

they took it as a call to put a hit on an officer

pretty basic, not to mention BLATENT!

so dont be afraid to ask about the types and size of the security systems we install...

everything from a basic 1 camera and you tv...

all the way up to major systems with hundreds of camers and full control from the internet.

most systems installed are 4 cameras and computer parts installed and setup to full working standard... around the $500 mark....


Common Vagrant Links

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$50 & under


Star Wars Books

D&D books

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