Sample sites

Sample sites

current and past clients

some sites may have moved on to other creators but all images and links here are of our design...

since site creation is based on site owners "base" ideas and expanded from there, alot of times the site will change after seeing whats possible and the owner getting new inspiration.

this site uses a content managment system to display multiple news articles

also includes facebook, google and Twitter buttons and features

some are a simple as a bussiness card

did this as a favor for an old friend... she got an email address and free storage space because her whole site is just an one image

another simple site no major updates

this vagrant band site was created completly in flash.

both of these sites are no longer up but you can see the difference of the same site with two different looks

very simple site with a slideshow for the images

this customer is happy with just info so he can put it on a business card

cost $100 no major updates or changes just sits that and works for them

another site that changes look every year or so with a simple charge of $100 for a couple updates and or color revamps...

this site used many differt database driven features and is no longer maintaind by us.

this site the customer used paypal to sell tickets costing them nothing for the "secure sales site" and provided an easy pay system for their customers that was also safe.

another version of the same site had two looks for two differnt locations

one fit with the other page it was attached to and one was a stand alone site


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