Used / Rebuilt Computers for Sale

Used Computer Clearing house...

I wont lie to you, these are used and rebuilt

This list of computers is of top quality, so much as that i would recomend them to friends and family...


used computers can be modified to be more or less then whats listed if the system and parts avilable will allow, by request of course...


all these systems are just towers no keyboard, mouse or monitor.

Most oftin i let the user choose a mouse and keyboard set they will like such as wireless or ergonomic. Aprox $50 and up

basic Key / Mouse set is $20

we have 6 used computers ready to go
basic info now more to come


1 @ $100 "grandma's E-mail box" i call it
great for web and guests NOT good for games - video mabye...

3 @ $200 great for web based games, video, email,
just not high speed games.

1 @ $300 a bit faster yet with 2x 500 gig HD formated as 1Tb drive
made for audio / video recording and editing but is flexable enough to do alot more including some games
"might need a better video card for intense graphic games"

1 @ $400 "THE TOP DOG" - mostly NEW parts (case, PWR sply, Mem) Board & chip 2-3 months used
8 core processor - 8 Gb Mem - 1 Gb video card


all computers have network ability but wireless needs an extra part so WiFi adaptors are avail if needed


so far no monitors sorry


Most oftin these sytems are Pieces and Parts left over from other upgrades or rebuilds to newer systems either from my own computers or by other customers.

working to get the fastest possible from the parts available, sometimes leaving room for expansion if im "short on parts"

this leaves the prices low, as most of its the labor of putting it all together and makeing sure it works.




*limited lifetime guarantee...

These computers have a limited life, GUARANTEED!

but then again so do all things right?

some computers that have left our desks have lived on for years surviving fires and giving details to the fire dept to help solve how they started, where as some have come back a month later dead... well those get replaced with as good if not better system.

if another system is not avail then all will be done to build another system or even return money. YES i said return your money...

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